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Environmental Policy

Here at Manners Transport we are an Authorised De–Pollution Centre.

As recyclers, we take the lead in responsible use of resources, materials and machinery. We are fully trained to show traceability of all agricultural machinery, parts and waste. In addition, all our vehicles meet EU regulated low emissions standards.

 The equipment we handle goes through a comprehensive de-pollution process for all agricultural machinery.

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The De-pollution Process

John Manners Combine Parts is registered under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. We hold a site license for Vehicle De-pollution and Dismantling.

We offer a full De-pollution service which includes:-

  • Kerbed hard standing areas

  • Full de-pollution of antifreeze, brake fluids, batteries

  • Full traceability of where materials are disposed of

The first stage is to remove the battery in order to eliminate the risk of a spark. The vehicle will then be taken to the de-pollution area where it will be treated using specialist de-pollution equipment.

This equipment is used to drain the hazardous fluids found on the vehicle including:

  • Engine oil and transmission fluid

  • Windscreen washer fluid

  • Engine coolant

  • Power assisted steering fluid

  • Brake fluid

  • Shock absorber fluid

  • Fuel

  • Oil filters are removed and drained.

  • If the vehicle is fitted with air conditioning, the refrigerant is recovered.

  • The wheels are removed and the tyres are separated from the rims.

  • Any hazardous materials such as switches identified as containing mercury or components containing asbestos are removed.

  • Once the de-pollution process has been completed the vehicle can be further processed.