Established in 1972, Manners Transport has specialised in the transport of machinery throughout the UK. Our headquarters is based at Alnwick, Northumberland. The fleet comprises of tractor units and trailers of various types, with outriggers and self off-loading ramps. There are step-frame low loaders, low bed low loaders, extendable flat trailers and step trailers, Having such equipment as this enables us to move combines with 35 headers all in one load as well as specialising in other abnormal loads. On farms, where machinery has to be recovered in situ, or in off-road situations, our specialised trailers enable the efficient recovery of bulky machinery with the minimum of fuss and maximum safety

We have experience in dispensation for wide loads and agricultural salvage/recovery work for insurance companies. An increasing number of incidents require an escort due to abnormal load size. We have light vans equipped with the required hazard warning equipment allowing us to provide this facility to our customers. We work in conjunction with the Police Authorities along the designated route to ensure speedy, safe delivery of goods with minimum disruption to traffic.